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FastSports Clearinghouse

Athletes Looking for Teams

The FastSports Clearinghouse is for athletes and teams in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

For youth players looking for teams, there will be no personal information listed (names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, school, etc.). FastSports creates an e-mail address that forwards your e-mail to the athlete or her parents and to FastSports.

To be added to the listings: 
If you would like to be added to this list of athletes, please use this form: Athletes Looking for a Team

Teams looking for athletes:
Please be sure to look at the Teams Looking for Athletes section on the FastSports Forum also.

Teams looking for coaches:
There is also a Clearinghouse for Teams Looking for Coaches on the FastSports Forum

Coaches: If you are interested in any of the players listed below, please click on their ID to send them an e-mail. If the e-mail program doesn't respond you can send it to them manually by sending to: (as shown in their listing)

Please do not send more than ONE email to an athlete.  If they don't contact you, they are most likely just not interested.

You are writing directly to the athlete.  Please let them know how to contact you and provide them information about your team. Give them an incentive to contact you.

  • Team Name
  • Where the team plays / practices
  • Coach name
  • League the team will play in
  • Tournaments that are planned
  • Why you are interested in the athlete
  • If your team is 16U or 18U, you may want to list the composition of the team (8 Varsity and 3 JV athletes currently on roster)

Please do not send invitations to open tryouts posted on FastSports to athletes on this page. They are informed they should look in the tryout area for team opportunities.  You may lose your ability to send messages to any FastSports Clearinghouse athlete if abuse is noted!

Listings will remain active for 30-days.

Reference ID




Clearinghouse 50


1st Base
Twin Cities Metro
N Metro
NE Metro
C Metro

I play for Columbia Heights high school.

I was injured and out during school ball.

Clearinghouse 51

Spring/Summer Fall Winter/Dome

S Stop
3rd Base
Twin Cities Metro
W Metro

I play for Chaska High School I played JV and B-Squad (as a sophomore)

My batting average for the first 5 games of the HS season was 1000 and my overall batting average was 895

I play 3rd and SS I also catch and can be a back up pitcher

I will play and try my hardest wherever the coach puts me

45-50 and my change up is 35   I also have a screw ball.

I would rather make a team and not pitch or catch

I am a very committed player and I want a coach and teammates that will push me and help me get better
Clearinghouse 52

16U 18U

1st Base
2nd Base
3rd Base
Twin Cities Metro
NW Metro

Athlete #1 calls a great game as catcher. Athlete #2 played 3rd and 2nd this year.

Our team won the tier 3 state tournament for 16u. We played 18u for league play in St. Cloud.

Both girls batted over 500 and played rock solid defense.

I am looking for them to be together on a team
Clearinghouse 53


2nd Base
St. Cloud and surrounding area I am a second year catcher but have been playing softball for 5 years.

My batting average on my high school team last year was .400.

I'm a hard worker and my coach said I am an easily coachable athlete.
Clearinghouse 54


2nd Base
R. Field
Twin Cities Metro

E Metro
SE Metro

Played on Hastings U14A team this past summer.

Good all around player.

Looking for an opportunity to play U16 Fall Ball with SE Metro team.


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