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FastSports Clearinghouse

Athletes Looking for Teams

The FastSports Clearinghouse is for athletes and teams in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

For youth players looking for teams, there will be no personal information listed (names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, school, etc.). FastSports creates an e-mail address that forwards your e-mail to the athlete or her parents and to FastSports.

To be added to the listings: 
If you would like to be added to this list of athletes, please use this form: Athletes Looking for a Team

Teams looking for athletes:
Please be sure to look at the Teams Looking for Athletes section on the FastSports Forum also.

Teams looking for coaches:
There is also a Clearinghouse for Teams Looking for Coaches on the FastSports Forum

Coaches: If you are interested in any of the players listed below, please click on their ID to send them an e-mail. If the e-mail program doesn't respond you can send it to them manually by sending to: (as shown in their listing)

Please do not send more than ONE email to an athlete.  If they don't contact you, they are most likely just not interested.

You are writing directly to the athlete.  Please let them know how to contact you and provide them information about your team. Give them an incentive to contact you.

  • Team Name
  • Where the team plays / practices
  • Coach name
  • League the team will play in
  • Tournaments that are planned
  • Why you are interested in the athlete
  • If your team is 16U or 18U, you may want to list the composition of the team (8 Varsity and 3 JV athletes currently on roster)

Please do not send invitations to open tryouts posted on FastSports to athletes on this page. They are informed they should look in the tryout area for team opportunities.  You may lose your ability to send messages to any FastSports Clearinghouse athlete if abuse is noted!

Listings will remain active for 30-days.

Reference ID





S Stop
2nd Base
3rd Base
R. Field
Twin Cities Metro

SW Metro
S Metro
SE Metro

I have mainly been a shortstop on all of my past teams. Though I have been a catcher and outfielder, so if that is needed I can do it (with some practice).

Last year, I was my summer ball's all star player. I had the least amount of errors and strikeouts (total of 2 strikeouts that summer), and I made the best plays.

My favorite part about being in the infield is I have a lot of opportunities to dive and be on the ground. Most of my teams have made fun of me for always being in the dirt, but I think that's the best part.

I played high school ball on the 10th grade team (as a 9th grader). I was the only shortstop so I played that position all season.

I am looking for a team that is competitive and ready to win. My team last year never wanted to win. They didn't even want to play. I really don't care if we don't win all of our games, but I want to play with people who care.

S Stop
2nd Base
L. Field
C. Field
R. Field
Twin Cities Metro
E Metro
S Metro
SE Metro

Athlete was the starting pitcher in over half of the games last year on her 12UB team.

She pitches fastballs and change ups.

She is an eigth grader this year.

She has played a lot at the short stop and second base position as well.


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