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Clearinghouse Player Listing Request Form

FastSports will not post requests for athletes only wishing to be picked-up for Nationals.





Please include Area Code

Age Group(s):

10U 12U 14U 16U 18U


Spring / Summer
Winter - Dome Ball

Check Positions Desired:



Short Stop

1st Base

2nd Base

3rd Base

Left Field

Center Field

Right Field

Team Home Area Preference:

This is where you are willing to go to find a team. Check all that apply.

NW Metro
Twin Cities

N Central Metro
Twin Cities

NE Metro
Twin Cities

W Metro
Twin Cities

Central Metro
Twin Cities

East Metro
Twin Cities

SW Metro
Twin Cities

S Central Metro
Twin Cities

SE Metro
Twin Cities

Mankato /
Blue Earth Area

Rochester / Cannon Falls / Austin Area

Winona / Caledonia


Accomplishments and Notes:

Tell a little about yourself, pitches you throw, batting average, type of team you want to be on, if you played high school ball, letter winner, etc.

Hit Submit to send your information.

You will be return to the FastSports Clearinghouse page after you submit your information. You information is not posted automatically. It may take a day or two before it is seen.

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