Hosted Registration Form
Chick's 13th Annual Softball Tournament
AUG 4 – AUG 6 , 2017

Roche-A-Cri Lions Park
1651 Church St
Arkdale, WI, 54613

This Tournament is Played at Multiple Venues
Team Name:_____________________________________  
Coach Name:_____________________________________ Phone Number: ____-____-________
Street:___________________________________________ Email:_________________________________________________
City:________________________ State:______ZIP:_____________
Ass't Coach Name:_________________________________ Phone Number: ____-____-________
Rate Your Team: Age Group

___ Highly Competitive - Two or More STRONG Pitchers Solid Defensive Skills AND Solid Offensive Skills
____Very Competitive - One or More STRONG Pitchers Solid Defensive Skills AND/OR Solid Offensive Skills
____Competitive - At least One Good Pitcher Average to Good Defense and Offense
____Learning - Pitching is Average to Weak Team is learning defensive and offensive skills

Games Guaranteed:  3
Tournament Format: Pool Play - Seeding to a Single Bracket (Single Elim)
Time Limit Per Game: 1:15 (Games may be shorted by Tournament Director in the event of conditions necessitating changes)
All Fields are Fenced
Other Amenities:
Restrooms with Running Water
Drinking Water at Every Field
Concession Stand
Playground for Siblings
More Tournament Information:
Cost: $200.00 + 0 Balls

$0.00 - Adult
$0.00 - Parking
$0.00 - Team Gate Fee
Make Checks Payable to: A-F Traveling Softball
Rick Roenneburg
1424 Evergreen Ave
Adams, WI 53910
Days: 608-548-0178